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Fuji GA 645zi – Go To Camera For Landscape Photography ?
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The more I use the medium format Fuji GA 645zi, the more I think this could be my go to camera (at least for landscape photography). Sure, it’s slightly larger than a 35mm body and you can only squeeze 16 … Read More

Pushing For The Very First Time
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I’ve read a lot about “pushing” and “pulling” film over the years. It involves shooting a roll of film at a light sensitivity (ISO) rating that is either above or below the normal rating for that film. For example, “pushing” … Read More

Fuji GA 645zi – Point ‘n Shoot Medium Format Gem
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This is only my second roll of 120 film shot using my Fuji GA 645zi. In one of my first blog posts I wrote about my first impressions with this camera. My opinion hasn’t changed a bit. This is an amazing camera … Read More

Rollei 35 – The Little Camera That Could
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I’ve talked about my Rollei 35 before on this site. It’s the camera that brought me back to film. Old school feel. Beautifully built and designed. Pocketable. I love everything about it. The wonderful thing about the Rollei 35, in … Read More

Liam, Kate & Mason
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July is the month of birthday celebrations on Maryse’s side of the family. Five birthdays within ten days (Maryse, her mum, sister and our niece and nephew – twins Kate and Mason). The past two years we’ve had a family reunion … Read More

Walking In Memphis
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My wife had to travel to Memphis on business last month. I heard a lot about the music scene in both Memphis and Nashville, and decided to tag along. These images were taken with my Leica M6 (B&W film) and Sony … Read More

Taking the Contax G1 to Prom
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Well not Prom, but Pre-Prom. These images of my daughter Genevieve, her date Alex and the KCI Grade 12 class were taken on my Contax G1 with 28mm lens. I used Ilford HP5 film at box speed (400).

Saturday in the Park
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Just got my Leica M6 (a replacement for the M2 I returned). I opted to buy the M6 because of the built-in light meter. The temperature got up to 11 degrees this weekend – crazy warm for mid February. Perfect weather to … Read More

Leica M2 – A Brief Encounter
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I purchased a Leica M2 with MR meter off ebay around Christmas time. The price was good and according to the description it was in very good shape. I also purchased two lenses for the camera separately. A 50mm f2.0 Leica … Read More

201(7) cameras : My 365 Project
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In an earlier blog post I mentioned I was going to address my photoinactivity (too much GAS and too little picture taking). So as a 365 Project (a photography challenge for the upcoming year), I’m going to make a point of shooting … Read More

First Impressions: Fuji GA 645zi
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I picked up a Fuji GA 645zi when in Tokyo last September. It was on my wish list of cameras. I was impressed with the resolution of the images taken with my medium format Rolleicord V, but wanted to try … Read More

Bad Case of GAS
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I’ve been suffering from GAS for some time now. Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Mostly related to building on my film camera collection. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve been researching film cameras and reading reviews on the internet everyday … Read More

My First Blog Post …. kind of
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It’s December 2016 and this is my first blog post. Well, actually my second. I deleted my first blog post which I wrote in October and replaced it with this one. I’m sure that broke all the blogging rules, but I doubt … Read More

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